Kitty Heat/Iron on Patch Set rts

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This set comes with every individual letter you see pictured:
3 letters, character, swoosh 



●First of all, make sure that your clothes or bags can be ironed at high temperature!

●Preheat the electric iron to about 150℃, put the cloth sticker in asuitable position
and cover it with a piece of cotton cloth
(to prevent the embroidery thread from being damaged by high temperature)

●Use the iron to iron back and forth on the front of the cloth sticker covered
with cotton cloth for 20- 35 seconds

●Afterwards, turn to the reverse side, and iron the part where the embroidery
sticker is attached to it for 15-20 seconds, so that the backing glue of the cloth
sticker is fully heated

● After ironing, let it cool down. If you want to make the embroidery stickers
stronger, you can use needle and thread to reinforce the cloth at several points!


Patch Care + Instructions

Patches can be washed GENTLY when attached to a garment.

If you need to wash a garment with patches attached, it is best to hand wash the garment.

If you must machine wash, it is best to turn the garment inside out, secure or close any zippers, hooks and/or other items that could snag the patch t during washing. Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. Hang or tumble dry (on the lowest heat setting).

If you only iron the patch on, the adhesive may loosen as a result of machine washing. (This is with any iron-on patches, not just ours.) The only way to 100% prevent this is sewing on the patch (or at least the corners if you are ironing it on.