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Non seasonal prints are always offered. In the case that one is discontinuing, we will notify you 7 days in advance. Orders are submitted weekly. If you order on a friday, your turn time is usually faster. Since we offer always open, there are times the same prints will be offered for retail. Retail is often one yard cuts and will collide with preorders. If you preorder, you agree not to expect retail to be given to you. 


4-way stretch, digital print on 95% cotton/5% lycra, 240gsm, 58"wide. Selvages along the edges are common, please account for shrinkage. 

We inspect our fabric to the best of our abilities and we strive to give you the best quality of fabric.  Due to the nature of digital printing, any minor flaw less then an inch that will not impact the fabric appearance in its entirety will not be discounted/refunded.

Scaling: scaling can vary from retail to preorder. They are different printers and submitted in a different manner. This is not a flaw. By ordering you accept the scale may vary between the two. 

Rewards have no cash value. It’s a free reward system. I suggest using your rewards on preorders only. Not RTS as those can sell out and be refunded. The system doesn’t refund your reward. It only refunds the amount of points we are refunding you for. We will not refund you $ amounts when you paid in points. This just makes sense. Thank you.
There’s no refund, no cancellation once order is placed and checked out. If you file a claim with Paypal without coming to me first to address any issue you may have, you will be removed from the group.
You have 7 days to inspect your fabric once package received to address any issue you may have.
RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature of custom digital printing, there is no refund nor return policy unless fabric is printed flawed by the printer. Please inspect your item once received, you have up to 7 working days to message me regarding flaws or shortage. Any minor flaws under 1” inch that will not distract the fabric appearance will not be discounted. There is NO discount for shrinkage.

FLAWS: In the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. I do my best to look over the fabric for flaws but at times, something might not be noticeable upon cutting. We will NOT discount for any flaw less than a 1in in size or within 6 inches of the selvages.  If you receive a fabric with a flaw larger than a 1in or greater than 6 inches from the selvage please email us. We do not refund for flaws on the BACK side of the fabric If they are minimal and don’t affect fabric use. 

We will either discount your yardage or accept the fabric back for a refund if the flaw is more than 15% of the fabric.  Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have yardage in stock to replace your order.



Pre-order: Please allow up to 8 weeks (may be longer during the Holidays) once preorder closed. Once arrived, it can take up to 2 weeks for shipment. Please allow a total of 12 weeks in case of any unfortunate delays especially around holidays. Refunds are not given unless it pasts 12 weeks. No exception. If my turn time is 8 weeks, you should not be telling your customers 8 weeks. 

Retail: Available and ready to ship within 1-3 Business days

INQUIRIES Do not PM us. They get lost. Do not pm us personally. Please only email customer service. We only reply to messages there. We respond within 72 hours.  Please message us with an order number. Be sure to check your turn time is over 8 weeks before asking for an update. 

Note: E-checks takes a couple days to clear. If you are paying with e-check, there is no guarantee that your order will be fulfilled if they are sold to the next buyers paying via Paypal balance and/or Paypal credit cards. 



10% for minimum of 15 yards. You may mix Designs. Preorders only. Code: New10


All packages/purchases Over 3 yards come with $50 insurance. First class packages do not come with insurance. We are not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages.



up to 2 yd: First Class

Over 3 yd: Insured 

Anything over 13 yards are by weight, website will generate Estimated Shipping for bulk order, this is NOT the actual shipping rate. Be sure to add ROUTE to your order to cover 1-2 yard orders. Shipping prices are shipping and handling. We purchase top quality mailing supplies to ensure the safety of your packages.  Thick sturdy boxes, double infected webbed tapping, and thick polymailers that state waterproof and tear proof. 

International: Based on actual weight and will be invoice once the balance is due from the Post Office. 

Any excess in shipping will be refunded and any underage in shipping will be invoice before shipping. 

By Purchasing any item listed on the site, you have read and agreed to all terms above.